Micropigmentación de Cejas - Ileana Popescu

25/06/2015 By ILEANA POPESCU

Vídeo demostración tratamiento de Micropigmentación de Cejas, realizado por Ileana Popescu, Formadora Goldeneye en Rumanía.

The model had a model with slightly asymmetrical eyebrows, rare in terms of plantation. Considering that her hair color is light brown, I have chosen to work with 75% of 145 pigment to which I have added 25% of 620 pigment. I have used hair thread by hair thread technique, using for this needle # 1 (red).

To achieve the higher part of the eyebrow, I have used the “slow” speed, and the device’s inclination of 60 degrees. For intermediate and lower wires I have used the inclination of 45 degrees.

For the shading part, I have changed the speed of the device to “medium” and the working method was large spiral circles.

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