Micropigmentación de Cejas - Jane Hargreaves

04/07/2015 By Jane Hargreaves

Vídeo demostración tratamiento de Micropigmentación de Cejas, realizado por Jane Hargreaves, Formadora Goldeneye en Reino Unido.


This classic hair by hair technique will always look good on most ethnic groups of women. Although the hair itself may not grow in exactly this direction, the end result will give the lifting effect and a very natural looking appearance.

After preparing the area with diluted WASH solution an inorganic pigment was used for predrawing using the Goldeneye mix and draw sticks.

Using the inorganic pigment makes it easier to neaten the design and give a defined template.

Using a single needle a fine line is edge around the template to transfer the design, using pixels around the front. After checking the template is visible the whole pre drawing can be wiped off. Soothing cream can be applied which is occluded and left for 10-15 minutes.

The chosen colour was then mixed using the new organic Goldeneye Hydropigments (1960) while the soothing cream was taking effect.

Each stroke is then applied with projection on the line and every stroke becoming more and more horizontal towards to the end of the brow. The last hair stroke following the template line itself.

The stroke positioning in the first 2/3 of the brow sit side by side, working from the middle to the top and from the bottom to the middle.

These intertwining strokes create a natural looking eyebrow with more thickness in the middle. Only at the last 1/3 of the brow (the tail), where the brow is the thinnest, do the strokes from the bottom and the top connect finishing off perfectly to a fine point.

After completing this using PUSH penetration gel and more soothing cream the same is repeated On the other eyebrow.

Each stroke is repeated more than once and at the end a pigment detector is used to check for any areas that need reinforcing.

After finishing and cleansing SOS cream is applied and the client is sent home with verbal and written after care instructions and some SOS to be applied during the first 3 days. A retouch appointment is scheduled for a minimum of 30 days later.

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